Happy Valentines everyone!
Today we wanted to share a short movie we made of a “shoot the dress” photoshoot we did with our lovely clients Josie and Jon a few years ago down in beautiful Lyme Regis in Dorset. I grew up in Dorset so had always wanted to do a shoot on the Cobb, and when Josie mentioned doing a post wedding shoot with her gorgeous gown, it seemed the perfect location. We had captured their wedding in Bristol a few months before, so this was a perfect little addition and for Josie, a few more memories of her amazing Caroline Castigliano wedding dress.

It was a cold damp February afternoon when we headed to Lyme, we started in the middle of the afternoon knowing that the public would be leaving the Cobb as the light started to fade and it got colder. Josie braved the cold, wind and rain and looked amazing in the soft afternoon light – this photoshoot is a good example of how moody winter light with no sun and even some rain thrown in for good measure, can still make for some great dramatic shots.

The original plan was just for Josie to be in the shoot but we had asked Jon to bring his suit along anyway. Just before the light went we suggested he got changed, it just seemed like too good an opportunity to miss, having both of them on the beautiful Cobb in last light, so we ended with a few closing shots of them together.


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