We thought we’d give you all a bit more of an insight into the team behind JHP, starting with me!

Natasha Baker Jo Hansford

Here goes:

  • I’m a bit of a free spirit who gets very absorbed in whatever I am up to. I regularly lose my purse, keys, medication. I call it a part of being a creative…..Nic calls it very inconvenient!
  • I’m a true romantic at heart and I love romcoms. I could watch Love Actually on repeat, every evening…
  • I LOVE sports – riding and running are my passion and keep my head clear and fresh when we’re really busy with shoots.



  • I have lived all over Europe – Germany, Spain, Portugal – I spent 6 months of my degree studying in Venice, which was amazing! My biggest love is Portugal – the country,  culture, the horses, the landscape, the people….
  • I’m a T1 diabetic, I was diagnosed at 13 years, so I have daily injections and blood tests to keep me balanced. I’ve never let this stop me from doing anything, I prefer not to make a big deal out of it as its just a part of my life.



  • Inspite of the above I LOVE chocolate, and because I keep fit and active, I can eat some chocolate and still keep excellent control 🙂
  • I’ve always been accident prone, and spent many hours in my childhood in the local hospital being stitched or bandaged up, so much so that we knew most of the nurses and doctors personally. One Christmas day when I was about 10 I got my leg caught under a roundabout so we spent most of the day in casualty in Poole hospital – my lucky parents!!
  • I’m a very passionate, driven person – when I decide to do something, I go for it, guns ablaze, there is no stopping me (Nic knows this only too well and generally tries to keep out of the way :))


Horse photographer Portugal Jo Hansford

  • I studied modern and renaissance history at Warwick Uni. I then trained as a journalist, before realising it really wasn’t for me!
  • I love one very strong coffee a day – it has to be a double or triple shot. Just one.


Coffee photographer Jo Hansford


Hope you’ve enjoyed hearing more about me, now come on Nic, it’s your turn!

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