Horse photography Cotswolds – Stacey & Chance

A few more shots from our fabulous afternoon and evening shoot with Stacey of Hartpury Saddlery and her gorgeous horse Chance. What a beautiful boy, who was a great and really well behaved model too….. oh and at least Stacey has got the looks even if her behaviour wasn’t as good as Chance 😉 !! We took advantage of the beautiful afternoon sun to light a couple of dusky sky shots at the end of the shoot.

Thanks Stacey and Chance, you can come again!

johansfordphotography_equine_01 johansfordphotography_equine_02 johansfordphotography_equine_03 johansfordphotography_equine_04 johansfordphotography_equine_05 johansfordphotography_equine_06 johansfordphotography_equine_07 johansfordphotography_equine_08 johansfordphotography_equine_09 johansfordphotography_equine_10 johansfordphotography_equine_11 johansfordphotography_equine_12 johansfordphotography_equine_13 johansfordphotography_equine_14 johansfordphotography_equine_15 johansfordphotography_equine_16 johansfordphotography_equine_17 johansfordphotography_equine_18 johansfordphotography_equine_19


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