This week we’ve chosen a photograph from a family portrait photoshoot in Toulouse, France,  last autumn as our ‘Shot of the Week’ – Marloes in the Chateau.

Last year our lovely clients Julia and Bas invited us to their beautiful home near Toulouse in France, to capture their two children Boris and Marloes, and some family portraits. What a treat! The family live in a beautiful old farmhouse in the undulating hills 40 mins from the city of Toulouse, so we knew this photoshoot would be amazing – we also felt lucky to know this family  well, having captured them all here in UK when Boris and Marloes were a toddler and a baby, and again when they were young children.

So with our kit all packed, in October we hopped on a plane and left UK on a rainy overcast day to be greeted by the lovely sunshine of Toulouse, and greeted at the airport by Julia. We hadn’t seen the location of the farmhouse before, and we weren’t disappointed,  we know the photographic opportunities were fantastic, so we  decided to spread the shoots over a few days during our week there.

On our last day, we planned a photoshoot in a beautiful derelict chateau up the road from the farm, owned by friends of the family. For this shoot, we focussed exclusively on Marloes, who is a keen dancer and ballerina – the location just lent itself to the beauty and grace of a young ballerina! After spending a few hours inside the chateau (a full blog of these photographs to follow) – we headed outside to finish with a few portraits using our location lights.

This shot is one of the results, and we love it!. Marloes was brilliant at creating mood for our image with her posture and expression, and we love the way light is gently spilling onto her, and the background of  the old window and the ivy climbing up the chateau wall behind her.

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Family Portraits Toulouse Jo Hansford

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