We’re in the middle of a pandemic and tough times, and you would be perfectly justified in asking, why book a photoshoot? I came across this quote the other day, and it reminded me how photography is all about making memories – we can’t stop the passage of time: our children growing up, our family and pets getting older, our own aging. One of the reasons I love photography, is its ability to capture a moment and keep it forever, a reminder of a time in our lives and the feelings that went with it – happiness, joy, love, fun, and so on.

“I blinked my eyes and in an instant, decades had passed.” John Mark Green, Taste the Wild Wonder

We first met the James family at Kemble pony club show in 2013, when Amelia’s cheeky little grey pony, Hercules, caught my eye. I found myself stood next to the duo outside an arena and said hello, then Amelia introduced us to her mum and dad, Helen and Andy. A few weeks later, I spent a wonderful afternoon doing my first shoot with Amelia and Hercules, who was well behaved enough to stand while I photographed Amelia holding a bunch of balloons – clever pony!

Over the next few years we ‘borrowed’ Helen and Amelia and their horses for multiple shoots as we consolidated our equestrian portfolio. We had a lot of fun, many cups of tea in their kitchen and a few wonderful pub meals along the way.

In 2014, at an event, Amelia asked me if we would consider sponsoring her. It was something we’d never considered before so I was a little stunned, but we felt it was a brilliant idea – to sponsor young riders and encourage young talent. We had some rugs and gilets branded with our logo, and Amelia became our first ever Young Sponsored Rider, and has been a part of our team ever since. This was the beginning of our Young Sponsored Rider programme which we now run, in collaboration with inspirational rider Natasha Baker.

Amelia was growing up and working her way through various ponies – Donny, Hamish, George, then Steve – all great characters and talented ponies, whom we photographed every few years.

The icing on the cake was a family and equine shoot last summer, with Helen, Andy, Amelia, their dog Oscar and Amelia’s new horse, Jennie. We’d been talking about this for a few years, and in 2020 we finally booked a June date and did the shoot!

We were blessed with a stunning summers evening, and as we took the photographs, we realised that we were back in the exact same field where we had started 7 years before, with Hercules the pony. 7 years had flown by,  and Amelia had grown up!

“The moments Jo & Nic have captured have given me irreplaceable memories of my ponies and horses past and present, something to treasure for the rest of my life” Amelia.

It’s been a wonderful journey following and photographing Amelia with her horses the last 7 years, we can’t wait for all the adventures the next 7 years will bring!

Interested in making memories and booking a shoot this year – drop us a line here to find out more.

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