We are fortunate in our line of our work that we get to meet so many fascinating people from all walks of life. A few weeks ago we spent a fabulous day with Danielle of Dynamic Human & Equine Sports Massage over at Hartpury College Equine Centre.

Having started the shoot with a few shots of Danielle with one of her clients horses, Boris, in some lovely woodland, we then focussed on her work; Danielle observing a horses movement doing a ‘trot-up’, a massage session, and observing the fabulous dressage trainer and rider Stef Eardley schooling one of her horses, Nino.

We are always up for anything different and one of the ideas we had for this shoot was to have Danielle’s logo stencilled onto some of the horses bottoms – this worked a treat and made for a different kind of promotional shot! Thanks to Stencilbum for the amazing stencil.

Never a dull moment in our lives!

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